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The Naughty Word of Blogging

Censored Stamp

Why Blog?

Let’s be honest, if we’re writing for a business blog instead of a personal one, don’t we have a business purpose? And isn’t that purpose somehow related to profit?

There, I said it. The dirty word of blogging: Profit, profit, profit.

Do otherwise sane and rational businesspeople invest in something that doesn’t in some way advance their business purpose? No, not successful ones anyway, and trying to hide it behind words like community and sharing and giving back doesn’t ring true.

I’m not saying that your blog should become a pushy sales letter filled with Buy Now! and Click Here! buttons because that wouldn’t be you. But, it’s not going to hurt to admit that you are a professional with products and services that you sell to provide a reasonable living for yourself and your family. Your readers can’t buy what they don’t know is for sale.

Don’t worry about people who would begrudge you an honest living and a reasonable profit, they aren’t who you want to reach anyway. Now, if your readers don’t want or need your products, you have an audience problem that could use some attention.

So go ahead and talk dirty – your blog and your business will benefit. Let me know how it’s working – I’d love to hear from you.

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