Post Checklist


Each post should have only one idea. Save others for future posts. If you’re not sure, leave it out.

Draft Headline:

This is just a draft, so don’t worry about it. It will help you focus while you write. You’ll come back to it later for tweaking.


What goal do you want to achieve? Are you sharing tax tips? Do you want to attract more readers? Or, are you hoping to promote your practice? These are all valid and can be different with each post.


Keep paragraphs short – two or three sentences. Use headings and lists, with or without bullet points, and emphasize important words (not sentences) with bold or italic fonts. Leave white space – no one will read big blocks of text.

Readers don’t scroll! Keep your posts short and focused. Make them less than 500 words, if possible.


Use them –people like pictures! Search Creative Commons for images you can use.


Include a link every 150-200 words as long as it fits with your topic to develop relationships in the blog community as well as help search engines find you.


Your last paragraph is the one most people will remember. Come to a conclusion, issue a call to action or make an offer that expires soon. But, whatever you do, be bold!


Check your title. Does it clearly reflect the one idea you’re posting about? Is it interesting enough that readers will click it to read and share?


Set your post aside for a while, overnight is best, then correct any errors, run spell check and read it out loud. If you find spots that don’t sound right, polish them.

You’re ready – Publish!

You’re welcome to use this checklist, print it out and pass it on to others. If you do, please give credit.

©Monette Lassiter Satterfield,


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