Are Accountants Really Dull?

Big Yawn

Based on my extremely unscientific and statistically invalid search of accounting blogs this morning, I say yes – absolutely!

Not one of the blogs I found was interesting or readable – my requirements to avoid boredom. Of course, I have the attention span of a dragonfly, but so do most blog readers.

I talked about focus earlier but laser like dullness doesn’t keep readers either. So, here are two more things to keep in mind when blogging.

Be Interesting

Mostly I found dry and technical entries on stuff that only matters to accountants. There were entries on S-corporations vs. LLCs, proposed regulations on preparers, payroll taxes and other technical minutiae. I actually understand this and it’s still excruciatingly boring.

Be Readable

After the parched topics, the prose itself was a hurdle too high for most writers. I claimed that accountants can’t write and this sloppy research seems to bear that out. The extreme length of posts coupled with the lack of any apparent internal organization is an insurmountable barrier for most readers. I gave up and got coffee.

So, have you read, or written, a good blog lately? Please, let me know, I need something to read.

Image: Creative Commons


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