Business Blogs – 1 Mighty Thing

It seems like we’re all blogging now – personal blogs, creativity blogs, business blogs and even blogging blogs. So, if you have, or are considering starting, your own professional services blog, you’ll want to stand out in the sea of words. Here’s the one powerful idea you must know.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Decide on your blog focus and stay with it. Write narrowly about your professional area of expertise to attract readers looking for that information and establish your credibility. Stay focused on that one theme – don’t stray into current events or marginal topics.

Ask yourself why you’re blogging. Do you want to improve client communication and service, to position yourself as an expert in your field or perhaps to establish your reputation in your profession independent of a specific company? Have a clear and measurable goal in mind every time you post.

Know who you’re talking to. Write every post as if you’re talking to your ideal reader. Picture them in your mind and even choose a name. Know that person well and write exactly what they want in the way they want.

Maintaining this kind of focus is hard, especially after the first few posts. Write it down, post a sticky on your monitor, but stay focused.

Are you blogging? Why or why not and how’s it working for you? Leave a comment and let me know.



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