Three Tips to Improve Your Writing

How to avoid the top three crimes against words committed by accounting firms in their written communications:

Don’t use jargon. Most of your clients don’t know that a SIMPLE IRA stands for Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees Individual Retirement Account. They think it just means it’s easy! Don’t make your clients feel stupid by using terms they don’t understand and are embarrassed to ask. Always explain. Better yet, just write in simpler terms.

Don’t use stilted formal language with lots of words. There’s no rule that the more words you use the smarter you look. It just makes you look pompous. Write in a style closer to your speaking voice and see how much easier it is to read.

Proof read and spell check your work. I admit to this being a hot point for me. Typographical errors and misspellings are bad. Even if you’ve used big words so that you sound educated, typographical errors and misspelling the word opportunites makes you look careless. How do clients feel about someone who’s careless with words? Could they be equally careless with the facts and figures?  That’s not a thought you want your clients to entertain.

Now, if anyone has spotted a typo, please call it to my attention. First one gets bragging rights!


2 responses to “Three Tips to Improve Your Writing

  1. I went back and read it a second time carefully to check for typos. If there is one, you hide it good.

  2. Oh! I’ve broken my own third rule of careful proofing. It was there and the spell checker caught it and fixed it. Anyway, I’ve replanted it but you still get bragging rights for such a quick check as well as busting my reverse error 🙂

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