Accountants Can’t Write

But they must.

Now that you’re working or have your own firm, I’ll bet you write a lot more than you thought you ever would. And, worse, your clients make a judgment on your quality and competency based on your writing even if they never mention it. Not fair, but true. Accountants, we can do better!

We can write better, we can write more interestingly and we can write more engagingly so that our clients actually value our communications. Even if we can’t go so far as for them to think we’re cool, we can at least be more interesting.


Every time a client reads a densely worded technically confusing letter from your office explaining some tax position and they didn’t understand the letter and had to call you to explain, that’s a mark against you.

Likewise, every time you send out a newsletter (you should send a newsletter but we’ll talk about that later) and it’s full of densely worded technical facts that they don’t understand about taxes and IRA’s and a bunch of accounting jargon, that’s a mark against you.

Eventually those marks add up and clients look somewhere else for help.

Remember your clients want you to make it clear and easy for them. If you’re not doing that, you’re not doing your job. Your clients are busy and they don’t have time to figure this stuff out. That’s what they pay you for!


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